Why Scenarios4?

Geraldine: “First of all, Scenarios4 is extremely strong and experienced in developing realistic scenarios. What can happen, what do we need to be prepared for, how does it work and how does it fit together? From their defense experience, they have an image of a realistic scenario. We find each other on both of our very solid crisis management backgrounds that we broaden to connect the digital and physical worlds.”

Scenarios4 helps companies and government understand and assess complex and uncertain situations. With a unique combination of state-of-the-art cinematography and content expertise, Scenarios4 develops and translates future scenarios into concrete images. As a result, clients are better able to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. “You cannot prevent any crisis, and you cannot predict any scenario – which is precisely why training and practice is so important. Only if you are well prepared will you have done everything possible to cope with that inevitable incident.”

FERM Rotterdam
Rotterdam Harbour